Information technology benefits the entire world and allows organizations to work more efficiently and maximize productivity. These days, people look for ways to do more work in a shorter amount of time, and, it is possible only through the development of Information Technology. Faster communication, electronic storage and the protection of records are advantages that IT can have in an Institution. IT is driven by the demands of the new, competitive working environment on the one hand and profound changes in the nature of computers. It plays a vital role in the R&D sector. Information Technology systems come in the shape of many technologically advanced devices which help to deliver important information to the Administrator as well as the Researchers, and thus they use this information to make crucial decisions regarding the functioning of their organization.

To build the communications networks, safeguard data and information, create and administer databases, helping employees troubleshoot problems with their computers, or do a range of other work to ensure the efficiency and security of Institutes information, NEIAFMR has created a separate Information Technology Cell. The Institute is further developing its IT infrastructure under Champion Service Sector Scheme for Medical Value Trave of the Government of India.

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Dr. Imlikumba

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North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda &
Folk Medicine Research
Pasighat, 791102, Arunachal Pradesh

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